Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thing #10 - Wikis

Wikis are an interesting concept, but it seems that there are so many possibilities for information to be altered. I remember many months ago reading a posting on Wkipedia, when I was just checking on it to see what it was like. I read about some subject which I can no longer remember. The beginning of the article was fine, but after the first paragraph, even I, who knew little about the subject, realized that whoever entered the information was highly prejudiced against the material that had probably been originally entered, and had entered his own - obviously wrong and a little improper. How many people will take what is written on a site like wikipedia as the gospel truth?

Our library system has just started a staff wiki. It will be interesting to see how many use it. We used to have a staff blog, but frankly, it wasn't very successful - hardly anyone used it.

Anyway, I have now "wiki"d. I went into the 23 things wiki and fortunately, someone was clever enough to post a list of "wrong" titles and authors and suggested someone correct them - so I did! (at least I corrected one title and added a picture.) I feel like a published author now - and it certainly was easy.

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