Saturday, February 9, 2008

Thing # 5 - More Flickr Fun

I 'm trying to figure out how to upload my Flickr picture puzzle to my Blog. So far nothing has worked. I am certainly not too impressed with the fact that I can't find any instructions on how to do it. I can't remember how I got the picture into the last post, and whenever I try to put this picture in, it ends up either above or below the post.

Oops - maybe I got it this time. Let's see. No, I guess not. Now my grandson's picture is over on the side. What am I doing wrong? So far I'm not having so much more Flickr fun... I'll have to try again tomorrow.

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Lee said...

I didn't have much fun with Flickr either when it came to this point. I finally got a little red x in my blogpost that opened up to the picture if you clicked on it. By that time I had invested more time than it was worth. I agree strongly with your comment that techies tend to write for techies. What's obvious to them isn't obvious to someone like me and they don't do a very good job of making it so.