Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thing #3- Rss Feeds

Well, I guess I have finished #3, but I'm not quite sure why. I managed to register in Google Reader and located some rss feeds. I've put the blogs and feeds into Google Reader - now I guess the next step is to keep checking on them regularly to see how they have been updated. Somehow, it seems like this just makes it necessary to spend more time on the computer checking on other peoples blogs, etc. Do I care that much? I'm not sure... I guess I just have to find some feeds that are on subjects that I am passionately interested in... Oops - maybe there lies the problem...no passions.

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Ann WS said...

Blogs can be a time drain, but, depending on who/what you read they can be useful, too. I sometimes think they are Charles Dickens serials for the 21st century. Some are quite dramatic--altho maybe not the library ones:-)

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