Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thing#4 - Flickr

Hastings, Minnesota
Originally uploaded by Punchup
I've spent the last couple of days exploring Flickr. I can't believe the number of photos that have been posted there. At first I wasn't sure of the reasons people would post their pictures on the internet, but after watching the video, I realize that it could be a safe storage thing. I also wonder if people are looking for compliments on their photography or if professionals are marketing themselves. Anyway, it sure gives us lots of good pictures to look at.
I think I've followed the directions for uploading a picture from Flickr to my blog. (I've personally never seen a sunset that looks this good, but I think perhaps this guy is a professional photographer. Thanks to Punchup for the use of his (or her) photo.

After looking at the pictures of the St. Ben's/Alcuin library I am quite impressed with the creativity. It's a great idea for marketing books, but I think it would be even better if there was a summary of the book rather that just a link to Amazon. Who has time to figure out these things?

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