Friday, February 15, 2008

Thing #6 - Even More Fun with Online Image Generators

I think I finally got my trading card. Since I don't have many pictures on my computer I had to go to Flickr and use someone else's photo.. Thanks to Carla 216 for the unauthorized use of her photo I hope when it says "all rights reserved" and "public" it means I can use her photo as long as I don't make any money off it. if not, Carla, I'm sorry, but I liked your photo.

As far as using some of these ideas in the library, I think they'd be really fun and different. However, it took me so long to do these assignments that I don't think the library would want to pay me for the wasted time I would have to spend doing these clever little mashups. maybe if I got really good, and could whip them out in a few minutes, it would be a different story, but right now, I don't think it's for me.
Anyway - I'm off on vacation tomorrow! Yaaayyy!

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