Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thing#19 - Podcasts

I checked out a couple different types of podcasts - one by Nancy Pearl on book reviews which was a radio-style podcast, and another podcast by an elementary school which was a television style podcast. It was interesting to listen to Nancy because she added much more to the book review than the material that was printed on the website. http://www.kuow.org/programs/books.asp

The elementary school podcast seemed to me to be very professional, considering the age of the kids. http://todaysteacher.com/rocketcast.xml In a way, it made me think of when my kids were in middle school a hundred years ago and had to do a "radio broadcast". The kids doing the podcast each had a subject they were responsible for and appeared very much at ease in front of the camera. If nothing else, being exposed to this technology at an early age will prepare them for life as a newscaster in the future...

I thought the directory podcast.com was easy to use, but the Educational Podcast directory was more confusing and harder to locate a podcast of interest. I can't imagine that I would personally ever do a podcast, but while talking to another librarian, she mentioned that they were having a teen contest in their library - that might be fun and a draw for kids.

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