Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thing #21 - Beyond MySpace

I think if I were ever going to join a social networking group it would be something like this rather than Facebook or MySpace. It seems for the most part to be directed toward adults rather than teens or young people. I read the articles, and came to see that there is a place for social networking within the library. I don't know if our library is quite ready for it, since it seems to take us a great deal of time to set up anything new, but it may happen someday.

I explored Ning and set up an account, added some pictures and posted my Ning badge on my Blog. (I even got a comment from someone and replied to her.) I visited Gather and looked around there. I have to admit I am amazed that there are so many social networking sites and so many people who are a part of them and contribute regularly. I don't see that I would ever do that, but maybe if I had more time or had a really specific interest I wanted to share, perhaps I would get involved.

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