Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thing #18 - YouTube

I knew a little bit about YouTube before I started doing 23 Things, but I guess I had no idea of how much was available there. I had lots of fun checking out the various films that came up under "Libraries" or "Librarians" Here is the video I decided to upload to my blog as a possibility for our staff day entertainment. Perhaps our library director would like to lead us...

Another video I really enjoyed was the laughing baby - not library related, but really, really cute.

Once again, however, I have a hard time figuring out how these things apply to the library. It seems like there would be lots of library uses for a video for teaching purposes, but If you spend your time making a video, how do you guarantee that your intended audience sees them? It's not like a public library has a built in audience like a school library or a classroom where viewing it can be an assignment. Library patrons might only find it by accident.

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