Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thing #14 - LibraryThing

I like this Thing #14. I always mean to keep track of the books I read, and have tried several times over the years to do exactly that, on paper, in notebooks, on my computer, etc. Unfortunately, these attempts have never lasted too long (mostly my fault since I'd forget to do the entering...) LibraryThing has made it so easy to enter titles, that even I may be able to continue this project. At least I'll make the attempt for a while. I've even added My Library to my blog, where as I understand, my 5 most recently added titles will continue to update from my Library to my blog. We'll see. I'm not doing this so much for the social aspects as for my own convenience of having a place where all the titles are together in the same format in one place.

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MR said...

Isn't librarything cool? It is such a neat way to keep track of your own books but also a way to see what others are reading and find new books you might like!