Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thing #13 - Online Productivity Tools

I don't think I find these tools very interesting or very productive. I really think you have to spend nearly all your time on the computer to find them helpful. I tried igoogle. It was kind of fun to set up my own homepage, but I can't really imagine why I would do it. The home pages that are out there already seem more than adequate , and the widgets or gadgets that I added to my igoogle page seemed more like time wasters than productivity tools. Probably not for me.

I have a hard enough time remembering to put information into my Outlook Calendar, I can't imagine having to keep track of more than one calendar.

I tried Stikkits and found the screencast so confusing that I'm really not sure what they are supposed to do. I guess they keep track of things and "peeps" and numbers and meetings, etc. Not for me, though.

The to do lists are fine, but I need my list when I'm not near a computer - when I'm out doing errands. Real Post-It notes work fine.


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